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CBJF Cares & Shares 90 Day Challenge

CBJF Cares & Shares 90 Day Challenge with Alexion partnership

You can create a good habit in 90 days, and CBJF wants to support your healthy and quality of life-enhancing habits!

Insurance doesn't cover a lot of what you need with a chronic and rare disease. Medicine is important, but you need a comprehensive plan to feel more than just ok. We advocate for NMO warriors’ self care - making an emotional and physical difference - whether it’s the monthly acupuncture, massage, makeover, healthy eating subscription, gym membership, clothes - because you gained or lost weight - whatever - that not everyone can afford in addition to costly medical treatments.

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We will sponsor a quarterly NMO warrior pursuing a healthy lifestyle with $500, and highlight their efforts on social media, showing the physical and emotional benefits. We hope to show that by just getting started with a good habit might help manage with stress in their lives - whether learning a new cooking skill or moving their body.

Tell us how you would use these funds to support your healthy habits!