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Connor Judge - Life and NMO

Hi - my name is Connor. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a big sports fan, specifically Browns and Cavs. When I was 22, I was diagnosed with NMO after randomly losing vision and going paralyzed from the waist down. Today I may be able to walk, but the disease still affects me in many ways.

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Caitlin Ash - Life with Lupus

I’m Cate and sharing with the CBJ Foundation my life with Lupus, but you’ll also hear some funny jokes, learn what it’s like to be 28 and living with multiple autoimmune diseases, and the realities of navigating the American healthcare system.

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Pam Judge - Mom on an NMO Mission

Hi, I’m Pam Judge and excited to jumpstart our #caregiver stories! I’m just a mom of two wonderful grown children Chelsey and Connor whom I love and admire. I became a caregiver in August 2014

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