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2015 - Present

Paul Tesar, PhD - Nerve Repair Research

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Tesar’s lab studies mechanisms of nerve repair research by analyzing pathways of promoting creating of a certain type of stem cell in the central nervous system. These stem cells give rise to oligodendrocytes, which make the fatty insulator called myelin which coats our neurons. Without myelin, our neurons are extra vulnerable to damage and lose ability to signal correctly. Myelin is damaged in some neurological autoimmune diseases, including MS and a bit in NMO. NMO patients experience damage to astrocytes, another important cell that supports the neuron. Dr. Tesar’s lab also has the potential to help uncover protective or repair mechanisms to astrocytes.

Learn more about about Dr. Tesar’s nerve repair research.

News on published latest nerve repair research findings in Nature and Nature Methods: A New Milestone in Laboratory Grown Human Brain Tissue

Dr. Tesar's lab demonstrated a stem cell platform derived from patients of a rare neurological condition. Their research shows that there are subgroups of patients with this disease, supporting the concept of personalized treatment. What they have learned from this study can help shape research for other neurological diseases!