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The Sumaira Foundation and CBJF present the Deymystifying NMO podcast series

The Sumaira Foundation and Connor B. Judge Foundation are proud to present Demystifying NMO, a podcast series aimed at simplifying scientific jargon associated with NMOSD, facilitating better understanding for patients and their caregivers, and fostering greater connectivity among the community.

Demystifying NMO is available now on iTunes.

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What is NMO?

Neuromyelitis Optica is a rare neurological autoimmune disease - meaning the body’s own immune cells begin to attack components of the nervous system, predominantly the optic nerve and spinal cord.

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Research for a Cure

All proceeds of the Connor B. Judge Foundation are used to fund research for the treatment and cure of NMO. We help support ongoing nerve repair research performed by Tesar Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University.

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